Finding your Fit-Groove

FINDING YOUR FIT-GROOVE:  Ever look at people who faithfully get up at the crack of dawn, head out down the road and appear to effortlessly run 10km before having their morning coffee, and wonder what their secret is?  Have you ever thought to yourself that the idea of getting up early sounds amazing (almost magical) – having the road all to yourself, enjoying the sun rise, the cool breeze in your hair as you jog in the brisk morning air – however the reality of getting up and out of bed before the sun just doesn’t seem to fit no matter how many times you set your alarm clock extra early?

Truth is – we are all different; we all have different internal clocks and the trick to setting -and maintaining! – a lasting workout regime is to find the time of day that works best for you!  Some of us are at our best in the early morning hours and are most motivated when we first wake up; some of us find our groove after slowly waking up, enjoying our morning breakfast and hot cup-of-joe; others are more motivated in the afternoon while some of us are night owls and can get our best workouts in at night… perhaps even outside under the stars 🙂

Once you figure out what time of day is best for you, you will have a much greater chance at sticking to your workout schedule!

The same can be said for finding a workout style that fits your goals and one that you can be excited about doing!  If you haven’t found something you LOVE yet – then keep searching!  There’s nothing harder than trying to get motivated for a workout when you don’t enjoy doing it!  And there are literally thousands out there… everything from dance, to Yoga, to simple burpees, push-ups, and planks!  There is running (road running, trail running, endurance running, sprint running…), there is swimming, cycling (off road, mountain-biking, street riding…), there’s sports and group fitness classes… programs you can do from home, and gym memberships you can join – My point is, there is something out there for EVERYONE – the trick is just in finding ones that are right for you!

Once you’ve found a workout style or two that you can LOVE and get excited about you will find it gets much easier to schedule it into your day!  And once you’ve discovered your peak time of day for getting those workouts in, you’ll soon be flowing into a routine and getting into your fit-groove!

FINDING YOUR FIT-GROOVE can take some time, but once you get it, it will start to become part of your life and will help you to create a healthy lifestyle change – and the benefits to that are endless 🙂

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