Welcome to Tara’s Fitness!  This site was created as a place to share my love of fitness with you:  to share my travel adventures (as they relate to fitness), to share tips and practices I learn along the way, to spread awareness about the classes I teach as well as other classes taught by my colleagues and friends, and to ultimately help you discover what your true fitness passion might be!

For me, this love of fitness started at a young age!  Since the age of five, I have been dancing in many styles of dance including jazz, lyrical, ballet and tap.  Dance became a great part of my childhood (some of my fondest memories are from dance!) and this love of dance continued throughout the years and has now expanded to include many other forms of dance as fitness!!  I also have a passion for travel and adventure!  I find it incredibly exciting and exhilarating taking on the challenge of a moderate trek through a forest, uphill to the top of mountain or kayaking along a peaceful river while the sun is setting… being one with nature and experiencing the natural beauty that is all around us!  Whenever possible, I try to take my fitness classes outdoors to breathe in the fresh air while working those legs (squats anyone?!!)  And I have experienced some amazing opportunities, teaching fitness classes on the beach in sunny Mexico, or poolside while staying at an all-inclusive resort!  (Teaching in paradise!)  I am always open to new adventures and discovering new and exciting fitness classes.

Below you can read a little more about some of the specific classes I teach.  And feel free to message me any time with any questions, comments or suggestions!  I love hearing from you and appreciate your feedback!


Group Fitness Classes:

PiYo:  PiYo combines the flexibility and stretch of Yoga, with the core conditioning benefits of Pilates, as well as muscle strengthening exercises, plyometrics and cardio to incorporate a total body workout! You can expect to increase your flexibility and balance, improve your strength and muscle tone and work up a sweat at this fun and upbeat class!  This class can be as challenging as you want it to be by allowing the freedom to modify or to increase the intensity/challenge depending on your level of fitness making this the perfect class for absolutely EVERYONE!

Cize:  “The end of Exercise” Cize is an upbeat, fun dance-style fitness class!  It is professionally choreographed with exciting music and taught in a step-by-step format so that anyone can learn to dance!  Let loose, pretend you are in a music video and have fun with this dance class – you might even forget you are working out!


Here’s a little more into my world:

I am a mother of three amazing, beautiful girls!  My girls have also found a love of the arts (two of my daughters are beautiful dancers, and my oldest daughter is an amazing singer/songwriter).  It is so much fun watching them at their competitions and concerts! I also love being able to bring them to my favourite places, hiking trails, and quiet lookout points… being able to enjoy a campfire along the beach together, or laying out on the trampoline to look up at the starts at night… these are the moments that I cherish with my family!  I love a great challenge and participate in runs, obstacle races and triathlons each year!  My kids have even come out to a few (like the 5K Santa Run!) and that is always exciting for me when my kids join in!  Mud runs, trail runs, obstacle runs, 5K runs, 10K runs, half marathons, triathlons, bike rides for fundraisers, dance classes, competitions, recitals… these keep me busy (and keep life entertaining!!)  I have a love for travel and we try to get away at least once a year as a family somewhere.  Sometimes camping, sometimes travelling somewhere sunny and warm, sometimes visiting unique architectural buildings/cities or museums, sometimes travelling for work, sometimes being able to teach fitness classes while travelling, and sometimes travelling for adventure!  I am passionate about helping others (I work in the social services sector) and have been most fortunate to be able to travel while volunteering to help others living in extreme situations.  This is something I intend to continue with and dig deeper into… it is so rewarding and incredibly humbling being in a different country, helping serve others alongside many other wonderful volunteers.  It truly makes you appreciate the opportunities and things you have (and sometimes take for granted!)

“You must be the change you wish to see in the world.” – Mahatma Gandhi